Vintage Disc Brake Grinding

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Putting a stop to bad brakes

Precision grinding with flood coolant and decades of experience is the difference with our disc brake grinding service. Why is grinding better than lathe turning? Easy. The surface finish is vastly superior, less stock is removed and less runout helps improve overall performance and increases life. You’ll see and feel the difference, but some restorers have reported our distinct, flat and open finish does not match the original pattern found on some mid-70s Japanese brakes.

We can grind and repair any disc brake; one-piece, one-pieced dished, two-piece or floating discs in iron or stainless steel. Ask about our disc-drilling service and save money using our in-house radius pattern styled after the mid-80s Brembo. We’re happy to paint and detail if needed. Minimum thickness tolerances are strictly observed and discs not meeting these specs will be returned. While your bike is apart it’ll be the perfect time to replace your wheel bearings and brake pads. Even anodized braking components will last longer with an annual fluid flush.

Maximum diameter: 400mm
Single disc: $60.00
Two or more: $50.00 each
Drilling and Detailing
$56.00 per hour (including pattern layout, if needed)
Shipping FedEx or USPS

Cherokee Saw & Tool Vintage Disc Grinding/Nolan
265 South First Street
Coolidge, AZ 85128
(520) 705-7148

Save money and include a return label or postage