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Those interested in ordering a GTM will want to remember this, as Eagan will need your post 2006 engine, swingarm and the necessary financial arrangements to get things cooking. Rather brilliant, this process offers a natural carryover for registration and insurance using the original bike's paperwork, Any CARC Guzzi can be used as base for the GTM02, including the 2v Griso and Breva 1100cc, but only the 1200-4V motors can be used for the big bore 1440cc. If you don't have a donor, Eagan can supply it.

Beyond the V7 style tank things continue to impress with top end goodies like forged Marchesini wheels, GP-spec Brembo stoppers and a keyless bluetooth that allows you to start the bike with your phone. There’s an LED headlight for visibility and if you can’t find the taillights, it’s became they’re hiding inside the rear loop of #01's black chrome frame.

A right nifty blaster in stock form, the 4v twin fit to #01 has been taken out to nearly 1400cc and tuned with special cams, uprated fueling and GTM’s aptly named X-Fire 2-into-2 exhaust. Slotting the engine, its six-speed transmission and GTM racing clutch would be impossible without the CARC driveshaft, as both engine and swing arm were designed to fit another frame. A highlight among many, GTM01 has earned raves from all who’ve tried it. “It’s made to ride and perform.”

It is ironic that anyone would custom craft a modernized Moto Guzzi, given the brand’s penchant for tradition. Still, there’s no shortage of Guzzi specials roaming about, some better than others. In all cases, customs reflect passion and it’s no different for California builder Todd Eagan. “This is the bike I wanted Moto Guzzi to build,” says Eagan, who perfected his chops wrenching and riding over the years to realize his vision in real steel. Look closely at the details, then look again. “The goal is factory levels of fit and uniformity.”


Traditionally modern

Two factory components are critical in Eagan’s builds; the Guzzi drivetrain and CARC swingarm. Guzzi’s 4v OHC engine was reborn from the early Daytona sport bikes and considerably redone to power the 1400cc California. Cast in aluminum, Guzzi’s one-sided CARC (<note mounting, X-Fire exhaust and CF hugger) was first seen on 2006’s Breva 2v 1100cc. This component offers several advantages, not the least being the elimination of chassis rise and drop due to pinion climb.

It takes a special kind of person to oversee the construction of a motorcycle, and an equally unique owner. In this way, Eagan’s GTM line holds a distinct advantage in terms of simple maintenance and durability, factored in with the buyer’s natural desire for the big Italian twin. The outward simplicity of the GTM01 speaks volumes; a stark contrast to the advanced engineering needed to create it. The motivation behind all this work is elevated performance and sporting impact, two areas Moto Guzzi doesn’t seem interested in enhancing any longer. Granted a peek into some future developments sees GTM linking some very distinct styling cues into its powerhouse mix of style and technology, You’re advised to stay tuned. Nolan Woodbury

Some quick background on Eagan shows plenty of experience sorting ECU equipped Moto Guzzis, something Todd had already started when we met fifteen-years ago. Rain or shine Eagan was a regular at motorcycle events all through the southwest, for many years on a well-ridden 1100cc Jackal Eagan transformed into a hooligan well before the term turned stale. Mixing in a marriage, the service and parts merged with other moto-doings in the So Cal area to eventually spawn the launch of GT Motocycles; a division of Eagan’s GuzziTech brand. News broke last September with info flowing through blog sites and a Cycle World review, all glowingly positive.

That’s been accomplished with the GTM01. The first of hopefully many it is a one-off; made for marketing and exposure. Part personal expression, part GTM calling card. Using a hybrid frame marrying aged Tonti tubes with Guzzi’s decades-after CARC swing arm, #01 mixes old school power with enough gadgetry to please even the most diligent millennial.

Following machines will use a trellis design hatched by Eagan and team, eliminating the need to break two motorcycles down to make one. The new frame’s upper tube is engineered to clear GTM’s optional supercharger, positioned neatly between the cylinders. Dramatically reduced, the savings in weight could keep the GTM02 near 400-lb, ready to ride.