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Nolan Woodbury

An avid reader and archivist Nolan’s preferences were influenced by his father, three older brothers and the writers who shaped moto-journalism’s golden age of the 1970s. Nolan’s words and photos have been featured in many US titles, plus international publications from Japan, Holland, Italy and England. He currently contributes to RealClassic magazine and Classic Bike Guide in the U.K. Personal info includes; a loving mom, three brothers,  sons, daughters and one spoiled granddaughter. His heart belongs to Merry Moreno-Lucero. Can you guess his favorite bike?

In the coming weeks you’ll see updates on Nolan’s published work and exclusive features. Fans of John Cerilli, the other-half at the very successful Vintage Motorcycles Online won’t be disappointed. Having a unique perspective on everything, JJ will be counted on for both new and classic special-interest editorial. Merry Moreno-Lucero, an accomplished video professional with FOX News will post product reviews and her own 'Two-Up' editorial. Nolan’s son Alex Woodbury and brother Nick team up for workshop projects and crack photography from Alex. Nick also oversees the disc brake grinding service. If you liked Vintage Motorcycles Online you’ll like Woodbury Moto-Media and its expanded range of machines and topics. The name and look is new, but the passion and enthusiasm remain.   

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